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Welcome to Provenance House

Provenance House is a townhouse that consists of 23 units of two-story houses. Located in a strategic area at Jl. Balai Desa Lama, BSD Serpong

Tangerang Selatan. It only took 8 minutes to reach Rawa Buntu Station and Jakarta-Serpong Toll.

The house comes with 3+1 bedrooms, 1 office room, 3+1 bathrooms and equipped with a smart home system that is conveniently connected to your smartphone. 

This townhouse also comes with glass house concept that brings good natural light and complete public facilities. Imagine having Provenance

 House as your dream home. 

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PT. Easton Urban Kapital is a property development company based in Jakarta that creates projects with good design aesthetics to enhance the urban fabric of the city. We mainly focus our development in Jabodetabek Area and Palembang.

Our development planning process is done strategically through consultation with professional architects, engineers, and contractors; bolstered with comprehensive market research to determine the right development concept. 

Our company emphasizes direct relations with clients to maintain the flow of information. Through efficient and aesthetic property development, we have succeeded in winning the trust of our clients.

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Jl. Balai Desa Lama, Kademangan, Kec Setu, Kota Tangerang Selatan, Banten 15314

Telp: 0812-1322-7323


PT. Easton Urban Kapital

Jl. Rukan Taman Meruya, blok N no. 32, RT.16/RW.7, North Meruya, Kembangan, West Jakarta City, Jakarta 11620

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